«A company that comes into being is like a child: you are thrilled, but at the same time you feel that you are responsible for this new life and you do everything in your power to pass on to it everything you have created and learned over the course of many years.»
Ferdinando Bada, Founder

White Peacock is a company that’s made up, above all, of individuals – persons that we consider to be our greatest asset. The advanced technology of our engineering and production processes would be useless without the expertise and enthusiasm of our dream team.
We manufacture forged components for the aerospace and automotive industries by pushing ourselves beyond delivering mere quality, something that is a must in these specific areas. We offer that which only a dynamic company in good shape can provide: innovative solutions, fast proactive service and plenty of flexibility in order to solve with simplicity even the toughest problems.

Ferdinando Bada

I have always worked in the automotive sector, I like cars and accessories and… here I am again facing a new challenge called White Peacock.
I can’t stand still: I always have one thousand ideas and projects running through my head because, to me, work is synonymous with satisfaction.
Even though I always dream big, life’s small pleasures capture my enthusiasm, such as a nice movie or the rhythm of a nice song playing on the radio.

Anna Bada
Purchasing & Human Resources

I love a challenge more than anything, one that calls for the activation of all my resources. I like to surround myself with enthusiastic, competent individuals who think big.

My professional life reflects fully the above: I majored in a faculty that links languages to economy and I took on the challenge of an MBA at CUOA (Vicenza, Italy). I took my first work steps doing strategic marketing and went on to enter the automotive sector, where I was first in charge of purchases, costs supervision and personnel. My work makes it possible for me to satiate my insatiable curiosity, and I witness on a daily basis the materialization of new products, forged by the passion and competence of the persons I come in contact with.

My favourite quote: “Start by doing that which is necessary, and then do what is possible. All of a sudden, you’ll be surprised to see that you are doing that which seems to be impossible.”

Mario Molon
Sales Manager

After getting a degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Padua (Italy), I started out professionally at the European Space Agency, going on to get a master in international business at Finmeccanica/Leonardo.
I worked for almost ten years in the helicopter sector, where my tasks ranged from after-sales customer care to being in charge of customer training management. I have joined White Peacock to handle sales.
I love food, basketball, football… and, once again, food!
I am keen on psychology and the new trends in digital economy.
Favourite quote: “It’s a chance, not a problem!”

Emanuela Alban
Accounting & Finance

With my multi-year experience in different sectors, i have joined White Peacock sharing all my enthusiasm and professionalism. Coming from a sports background, I have always loved teamwork, and my motto is “Stronger together”. I believe, as a matter of fact, that it is possible to win at any challenge by working together.
I recharge myself and tone down my rational side with my passions: good food, motors and full-volume rock music.

Mario Penada

As a child, I had a great passion for disassembling and reassembling engines, and this led me to get a degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Padua (Italy). Moving from passion to reality, I first entered the automotive sector as a telemetrist, and went on to become a designer in various important sectorial companies.
Following an in-between period of time working in various areas, I returned to Ferdinando Bada’s White Peacock team in order to contribute to the evolution of the automotive and aerospace fields.
With my innate passion for team sports and a natural penchant for competition, I am ready to give my all in order to reach the highest goals together with my team.
Hobbies: football, skiing, motorcycling, travelling, oenology.

Emanuele Zuin

My first work experience was in automotives, where I was employed to come up with high-level technical solutions.
My greatest passion is mountain-climbing, something that has taught me perseverance, precision and determination. These are traits that I have brought into my work: indeed, I do not give up until I have reached perfection in every piece.
I am always on a quest to reach the zenith in every single endeavour – in mountain-climbing as in daily work – without, at the same time, taking myself too seriously.
When climbing, I always experience elation when I reach a mountaintop, and if making it alone is fantastic, making it with others is priceless. I love that extra surge of energy you get when you work with others, interacting on a friendship basis while maintaining high professional standards. I have encountered all this at White Peacock and I always do my best to help steer the team towards high-level production.

Gianmarco Conselvan
Quality Assurance

I have always had a passion for motorsport, but I have never neglected the aerospace field: it is by no mere chance that I chose studies that made it possible for me to acquire skills that are useful in both areas.
After working in various areas as a quality controller, I joined White Peacock and immediately applied myself so as to be an asset to the company: strong motivation and a consistent desire to keep improving are my “cut above” when working towards the most ambitious goals.
My greatest passions are football and engines, but I also dedicate part of my free time to volunteering activities with the Italian Red Cross.

Alessandro Boscari
Quality Control

After getting my diploma as an industrial mechanics expert at ITIS G. Marconi (Padua, Italy), I entered the automotive sector’s workforce by joining the teams of a couple of important companies. After a short in-between experience in the cycling industry, which allowed me to expand my technical knowledge, I came back to Ferdinando Bada’s team at White Peacock.
Motorsports are part of my DNA: I am an extremely precise person devoted to my work, but I am also dynamic and flexible.

Mariano Michieletto
Senior Advisor

I have been working in the car-wheel sector for over thirty years, starting out as a technician, moving on to sales and eventually taking on high-responsibility duties in F1 and World Rally competitions.
Over these past fifteen years, under the guidance of Ferdinando Bada, I have had a part in the rise of Bada’s Group in automotive, fine-tuning my experience with forged materials. This experience has imbued me with a taste for continuous experiments as well as with for teamwork. It is no coincidence that all my work activity has been based on research concerning quality and raw materials, always sharing the experimental stage with the team in order to come to the best solutions together.
I have competed in rallies and I still try to get that adrenalin kick while on the racing circuit. I also enjoy classical music and art in general, a chess game every now and then, and putting myself to the test by preparing sophisticated dishes.