Our commitment to Total Quality

Our commitment to Total Quality

Top-notch machinery and software
in support of the designing stage

In order to get the best solutions early on in the process.

Instrumentation for Quality Control
at the market’s high-end level

In order to guarantee compliance with the highest quality standards.

Real-time traceability
at every production stage

At any given time, we can trace back to specific batches and production stages in an accurate manner.

Here at White Peacock, we hold Quality to be a strategic element towards guaranteeing client satisfaction. Our company is constantly committed to the nonstop improvement of its own processes and of the items produced.
At present, Quality is divided into three departments/sections:

Quality assurance

Its goal is to keep the Quality Management system updated as to the EN 9100 norm (Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe – Standardization), to monitor in-house and out-house processes by evaluating them with aid of KPI analysis, and all of this is carried out with the most important stats methods. The department is also committed to spreading 360-degree Quality by promoting the continuous-improvement method.

Quality control

In charge of overseeing the material’s entire production process, from incoming to delivery, it uses top-notch tools, guaranteeing the monitoring of every single part during production thanks to the traceability afforded by last-generation software. This section is made up of top-notch tools:
– 3D Coordinate-measuring machine (CMM)
– Anthropomorphic laser scanner
– Durometers
– Various test-bench metrological systems

Test lab

The test lab is in charge of implementing quality control by means of destructive/nondestructive materials tests, in collaboration with the University of Padua (Italy) and TÜV (Munich, Germany), in order to search constantly for new materials and methods in the manufacturing of products.